Gourmet Pizza Pies, Pot Pies and Dessert Pies


The Crust & Roux Story

Crust & Roux is a modern, Gourmet Pie Company. Rooted in family and memories, our specialty pizza pies, dessert pies, and pot pies feature modern adaptations of soulful recipes from our childhood. Our signature Crab Pizza Pie & 3 Cheese Pizza Pie are must try for those looking for bold flavors, while our dessert pies & pot pies will give grandma’s pie a run for her money. The first concept from AYYA Hospitality Group, Crust & Roux, a is a restaurant devoted to quality, service, and experience. First launched on the world-famous Las Vegas Blvd, Crust & Roux’s goal is to bring great food to the community and become the best pizza in Las Vegas.