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Crust & Roux Gourmet Pie Co. Bringing Pies Savory, Sweet, and Á La Mode to Town Square

October 1, 2021 speak

Crust & Roux Gourmet Pie Co. Bringing Pies Savory, Sweet, and Á La Mode to Town Square

Town Square will soon be home to “modern and elevated interpretation of a pie company” Crust and Roux Gourmet Pie Co.

“It’s in honor of a concept my father developed 10 years ago,” owner Lowell Raven told What Now Las Vegas in an email conversation Wednesday afternoon. “Pizza with Gourmet Toppings, Dessert Pies, and Pot Pies. The name Crust & Roux highlights the signature core of our menu. Great crust & a white-butter roux that will anchor as our white sauce featured on seafood pizza pies.”

Raven’s father, Christopher Raven, originated the project in a small East Coast town, where “he served stories of his heritage, love of cultural foods, a fast Hollywood lifestyle, and stories about his only son with every single slice and pie.”

The pies on offer at Crust & Roux vary widely, from pizza to meat pies to sweet pies à la mode with a variety of ice cream flavors and other toppings. Pie flavors pictured in photos on the restaurant’s Instagram page include Strawberry Peach, Pecan, and Blueberry Zest.

The restaurant will occupy Suite 120 at The Landings, in a 3,500 sq.-ft. space that neighbors Master Kim’s Korean BBQ, and joins in the Town Square community that also includes Noypitz Bar & Grill and Milano Restaurant & Bar.

“We loved this location because we wanted a centralized location for both locals and guests visiting from out of town to find us…” Raven said. “[B]rands like Master Kim put us in line with restaurants that we like to personally eat at as well.”

Crust & Roux is working towards an opening in Q1 of 2022.


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